WBA sends prayers for Derrick Jefferson

World Boxing Association (WBA) sends the best recovery wishes to former WBA-NABA heavyweight WBA-NABA champion Derrick Jefferson, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 and he is currently in induced coma reported by United States media sites.

The former fighter of 52 years is in currently in the intensive care unit at Royal Oak Hospital in Beaumont Michigan. According what his son Janarí Jefferson told to WZYZ News from Detroit, his father underwent the test, which resulted negative the first time, however, due to the shown symptoms he repeated the test, which resulted positive, confirming the presence of the illness.

Reports also show that even though he is in coma, Jefferson has shown improvement. After confirming it, doctors decided to induce the coma and place a ventilator to assist the former fighter breathing.

Jefferson had career a 10 years as a professional boxer, and he fought to top opponents in the division like Wladimir Klitschko. He was NABA champion in 1999, and two times world championship challenger.

The WBA is very concerned for the situation, and sends words of encouragement. The pioneer organism prayers are dedicated to Jefferson and the wish of the whole entity is that he finds full recovery. Let’s go champ!, you can win this fight.

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